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Tomasetto Achille Gas kit:- It is a unique combination of excellent quality components. The vaporizer and Multi Valve are from world leader Tomasetto Company of Italy. The vaporizer is being launched in India for the first time. It has excellent machining and engineering with inbuilt gas solenoid. The research and development from world leader in gas technology brings such a beautiful product which ensures minimum loss in average in between petrol and LPG. The kit is backed by Tomasetto Multi valve with Imported switch, excellent quality braided rubber hoses and ARAI approved copper pipes and other Accessories. There is a warranty of twelve months on critical components like Vaporizer, Multi valve and Tank.


Tomasetto Multivalve :- Multivalve is the most technical product of any Gas kit. As its name indicates, it has multiple functions to perform. It allows filling of gas in cylinder up to maximum 80% of water capacity of tank. It allows controlled release of gas. It indicates level of gas in tank. It prevents any excess flow of gas due to any leakage. Its Thermal fuse helps in release of gas in controlled manner in case of any calamity. It is guaranteed by Tomasetto that all of its components are made in Italy by most appropriate material and 100% pieces are calibrated and tested.

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