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Why Auto LPG

1) Improves Air Quality

50% Less CO
68% Less NOx
99% Less Particlates

2) Combats Climate Change

20% less CO2 equivalent

3) Available

Highest Number of refuelling sites for any alternate fuel.

4) Safe

Stringent standards and regulations in place.

5) 60 % from Natural Gas

Helps diversify Energy Supply

6) Lesser Subsidy Loss to Government

Government gains more by promoting Auto LPG, through reduction on diversion of hugely subsidized domestic LPG .

7) Quick Installation

LPG refueling infrastructure can be installed within 3 months, in comparison to CNG infrastructure which would take years to give that kind of coverage.

8) Low Costs of Infrastructure & Kits

Cost of installation of LPG Vs CNG outlets is a no brainer, with LPG at about Rs 50 Lacs and CNG running into Crores, even without factoring in the cost of CNG pipelines.

9) Huge ALDS Network/ City Coverage and Growing...

Tremendous coverage already. Auto LPG is already available in more than 350 Indian Towns and Cities more than 860+ stations..More widely available alternate fuel.

10) Terrific Vehicle Performance

Vehicle performance/ OE Support:: Drop in Vehicle performance is between 3-5% maximum in comparison to more than a 20% drop in performance in case of the other alternate auto fuel.

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